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Jun 15, 2013 7:00am EDT
made in the last two news tremendous economic progress. it tripled the size of its economy, crippled the standard of living of ordinary people, in spite of this progress, we see this demonstration. why? because people don't want just bread-and-butter, they want freedom. they want human rights, civic rights, democracy, rule of law. they want to take part in the decisionmaking, whether it is the future of the party in istanbul or the future of their country. for mr. erdogan, in my view, a wake-up call. therapy can go on the way to work, more democracy, on the way to europe, or turkey can slip into the politics situation that is developing in the middle east. therapy needs a new constitution not because of the e.u. but because of the democracy and development of turkish society and turkish economy. in this process of creating a new constitution not only the ruling party but the opposition should be included. the civil society, the journalists, the lawyers, everybody who is willing to take part and in this process, needs our help because if we let this not only for us, very important cou
Jun 22, 2013 7:00am EDT
attention will be paid to those communities because it is important for economy or my state, i am sure others are in similar situations. i wanted to ask you, you said there would be an impact, mr. leocha, on places like boston. would you explain that more? >> let me talk about the pilot issue. i get phone calls about every week from people from u.s. a p a, u.s. airways pilots association. everyone is not happy. there are still lot of questions and obviously there may be support for the merger because they are getting rid of someone they don't like or getting paid a lot more money but that doesn't mean necessarily we are not going to have labor unrest. back to the smaller airports what we did when we did our overlap study we found out airports like boston and bradley have some of the highest numbers of these overlapping connecting rooms so what happens is american airlines has we 3 or four routes back and forth between bradley and seattle or bradley, they might go bradley, chicago, seattle and someone might go bradley, philadelphia, chicago. as we right size it, it means we could end up
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2